Natural Bee Wax


Natural Bee Wax in aqueous solution to protect the finishing of Lime Grassello, Venetian Stucco, Cocciopesto, Spatolato and Marmorino polished plaster. Free shipping within the UK.

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Natural Bee Wax is a completely natural beeswax product. Used to give brightness and provide waterproof properties to inside wall surfaces treated with Antique Stucco and Venetian Spatolato plaster. The product is completely free from organic solvents. Colour shades can be personalised using the Luxury&Lime colour scheme of the Tintometric system.

Its composition is a synthesis of carefully emulsified wax substances and natural derivatives, easy to use and producing a good final brightness. Application renders surfaces more solid by penetrating into any porous areas, making the surfaces more resistant to external wear. Treated surfaces remain stable over time, without colour alterations.


Protection and conservation for prestigious decorative finishing.


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