Micro-Primer Veneziano


Micro-granular covering anchor primer to be applied with paintbrush or roller. To be used as generic primer for any kind of decorative plasters, even lime-based products (maximum granulometric 150 micron). Free shipping within the UK.

Size: 5 litres

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Micro-granular primer for interiors and exteriors. Micro-Primer Veneziano is an innovative product, especially designed for surfaces that need a strong anchor primer. Plaster technicians often have to apply Spatolato Venetian plasters or Marmorini polished plasters on smooth or treated surfaces, hence the need for a product that guarantees a solid and strong anchorage.

Micro-Primer Veneziano is a fine product, composed of high adherence vinyl resins mixed with micro-marble grits sifted at 150 micron. Venetian Micro-Primer is dense and, once diluted, the thixotropic remains and does not drain; the micro-grits remain homogeneously mixed in the paste to obtain a uniform wall application. The final result will have a slightly rough appearance and white colour.

Colours can be personalised using the Luxury&Lime colour scheme of the Tintometric system. Excellent for applications on cement, plaster, bricks, plasterboards and old hydro-paints.


Micro-granular primer for interiors and exteriors.


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