Marmorino Antico


Marmorino Carrara Antico 300 is a Grassello paste with selected coloured marble powders (300 microns), for a prestigious satin or semi-shiny Venetian Marmorino plaster finishing effect. Free shipping within the UK.

Size: 25kg


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Marmorino Antico 300 polished plaster is one of the best products for prestigious interior finishing, producing a classic Marmorino Venetian plaster effect with just one application, reducing its consumption. The colour can be personalised using the Luxury&Lime colour scheme of the Tintometric system.

The correct mixture of selected micro-marble produces a stucco paste, ready to use, compatible with a vast range of application methods to satisfy even the most sophisticated decorating requirements.

Carefully selected, natural raw materials make Marmorino Antico 300 extremely eco-friendly: the dispersion of humidity avoids the growth of mould and bacteria, without using chemical additives. Non-flammable and low odour.


This is an extra fine product for prestigious interior decoration, due to the unique reflective qualities seen in its satin/semi-shiny finishing.


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