Lime Concrete


Powder mixture of natural lime, hydraulic binders and marble fillers for wall concrete decorative effects. Free shipping within the UK.

SIZE: 18kg (covers 22 square metres).

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Lime Concrete is a decorative mono layer product for interior concrete imitations supplied in a “gray base” colour and applied with a classical inox trowel. Bericalce supplies a special powder toner colour that allows a range of darker greys to be obtained when added to the base colour.

Its meticulous formulation makes the product very smooth and easy to apply. As the product is water-based, its workable “pot-life” is over 90 minutes. To obtain a correct mixture, Lime Concrete has to be mixed with a mechanic drill and left to rest for 5 minutes before use. The final aspect will be of a smooth satin concrete wall surface. Bericalce suggest finishing off the surfaces with a layer of “Natural Bee Wax”.


Interior decorative product applied with inox trowels to produce a reproduction of concrete surfaces.


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