WHY Decorative Polished Plastering London, UK – Colour & Texture Ltd ?

Colour & Texture Ltd offer decorative polished marble plastering for floors, walls and ceilings, all over the UK. Contact us on 0800 999 4119.

  • Address: Colour & Texture Ltd, Unit 6, 79 Farleigh Rd, Warlingham, Surrey CR6 9EJ
  • Phone: 0800 999 4119 / 07712474265
  • Email: info@colourandtexture.uk


At Colour & Texture Ltd. we believe in interior design transformation. That’s why we only use exceptionally durable and strikingly beautiful polished plasters, imported directly from Italy. We know how important it is to use a plaster that breathes, allowing water vapour to permeate freely and moisture to evaporate quickly, so you’re left with a finish that is hard as stone and will retain its vibrant tincture long into the future. Using our unique plasters also means your project will be completed at a swifter rate since there is no need for paint - the quick-drying plaster will already be coloured to match your interior design specifications.

Our craftsmen can create focus, add drama, and transform the look and feel of a space. And, with a multiplicity of lively colours available, we can match our finishes to your colour scheme with ease. The professional work will be carried out by trained specialist applicators to the highest standards with superior attention to detail. We’ve got over ten years' experience in the industry under our belts so you can be sure that you’ll receive our full support throughout your project.

We don’t settle for anything less than the finest authentic Venetian plasters. They are fire-tested, low in VOCs, and far less prone to shrinking and cracking than other brands – perfect for busy rooms and corridors where walls require a solidly durable finish to prevent visible wear and tear. All the products we use are extracted by a natural process which is environmentally sustainable.

We work alongside major construction companies, architects and interior designers throughout the UK and London – you'll find images of the truly stunning interiors we have created around the world here.

We're delighted to offer our exclusive service in London, Surrey, Kent and the South East.