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Islonate Ancorante Berico

£ 50.00

In Stock SIZE: 5 ltr

Micronized Primer, mixture of acrylic resins in aqueous solution and high penetrating capacity.

DELIVERY:  £ 0.00

ISOLANTE ACRILICO MICRONIZZATO is composed of acrylic resins in aqueous solution. The very fine particles, 0,003 micron, give this special resin a higher penetrating capacity. Particularly suitable to consolidate friable and dusty surfaces, in order to support further spreadings of emulsion paints or wall varnishes. Excellent for cement, plaster, bricks, plasterboard and old hydro-paints. The colour shades can be personalized using the colour scheme of the Tintometric system Luxury&Lime.

Primer for interior and exteriors.