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Intonachino Grosso


In Stock SIZE: 25kg

The coarse lime plaster Intonachino Grosso is a "Grassello Paste" with selected white grinded marble (1800 micron) for a "Venetian Intonachino" effect – rough thickness.

DELIVERY:  £ 17.00

Coarse Lime Plaster INTONACHINO GROSSO is an interior and exterior granular coating which permits to obtain, with more layers, the traditional "Venetian tonachino" finishing effect with chiaroscuro shades. The product, thanks to its naturalness, can be coloured with pastel light colours of the Tintometric system Luxury&Lime. The accurate composition makes the product very resistant after application. The tradition of lime, produced with an advance technology, aims Bericalce towards the Environment Care and Green Division market. The natural raw materials, accurately selected, give INTONACHINO GROSSO a very high ecologic value: the dispersion of humidity avoids the growth of moulds and bacteriums, without using chemical additives. Non-flammable and low odour.


Rough thickness coating for interiors and exteriors.