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Colour & Texture Ltd offer decorative polished marble plastering for floors, walls and ceilings, all over the UK. Contact us on 0800 999 4119.

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We have added a new set of products named Microcement to those available for purchase.

The Topciment Microcement is a decorative coating composed of cement, water-based resins, additives and mineral pigments. It is an ideal material both for exterior and interior; applicable in floors, walls and ceilings ... and the best thing is that you do not need joints! So, in this way, it facilitates cleaning and maintenance.

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  • Glimmerputz

  • Grassello Lucido

  • Intonachino 700

  • Intonachino Grosso

  • Lime Concrete

  • Lyberti

Our Training Courses

The most complete courses, ever!

The Advanced Application Courses we hold give excellent opportunities to learn the application techniques of the Venetian Polished Plaster, traditional Marmorino and decorative coatings based on lime.

Our courses are a good investment for your continued knowledge and application of your profession.



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Marble plastering adds the wow factor to your interior, with expert and stunning finishes. Marble plastering London adds richness and character, and with a product range so vast here at Colour & Texture Ltd, the options are almost limitless. Our first class marble plastering London service is so versatile it can be used in both residential and commercial interiors. Using our unique marble plastering also means that your project will be completed quickly and efficiently by our expert designers and applicators.

Our marble plastering London is fully breathable, allowing trapped moisture to evaporate rather than locking it inside the wall, unlike most acrylic finishes. This fashionable and eye-catching product is available in natural, smooth or even textured finishes, as we use the very latest marble plastering techniques to ensure you get the best finish possible.


Polished PlasteringOur Venetian plastering London is world-class, exceptionally durable and entirely unique. We only use the finest authentic Venetian plasters to ensure you get the highest standard plastering application possible. Our excellent range of superior Venetian plastering is extracted using a natural process, making it environmentally sustainable. The Venetian plastering London products we provide are fire-tested, low in VOCs (making them low in toxicity levels), and are perfect for busy corridors due to their impressive sustainability, making them less prone to cracking and wear than other decorative plastering London, techniques.

Venetian plastering is used to create stunning finishes, in a multiplicity of colours. Our Venetian plastering London service creates an elegant, smooth finish with the illusion of depth and texture, transforming your interior into something you can be truly proud of. Venetian plastering is entirely versatile to suit your needs, and our designers can create an intense focus based on your colour schemes and interior design specifications for decorative plastering London.


Polished plastering is suitable for both traditional and contemporary interiors. Once set, the plaster is hard as stone, making it a long-lasting product that requires minimal upkeep over the years. The natural polished plastering London service we provide allows our specialist applicators to use their superior attention to detail to match your needs to our collection of polished plastering and decorative plastering London products.

We have a range of smooth and seamless polished plastering finishes, creating a luxurious and timeless look for both your walls and ceilings. There is an endless amount of possibilities when choosing polished plastering London, allowing you to create an authentic and bespoke finish.

At Colour & Texture Ltd. we have over ten years’ experience in the industry and so you can be sure to have full support and expert opinion throughout your interior design project when using polished plastering London.